Explore the Srilankan Properties

The luxury apartment and housing markets have grown considerably. For a growing high and middle-income population, luxury housing is a key attraction in residential markets. Demand for such housing is derived from a growing urban wealthy demographic and overseas invetment. In addition to this, non-resident Sri Lankans (NRSLs) keen to invest in their country of origin also drive demand.

This has paved the way for greater real estate development. The number of new developments across the city of Colombo and other parts of the country have increased. These state of the art developments are perfect investment opportunities not just for those at home in Sri Lanka but in other parts of the world. The keys to Sri Lanka’s future prosperity and the island’s real estate ambitions are transport infrastructure and security of utility provision. The seaports of Colombo, Hambantota and Trincomalee and the international airports, Colombo and Mattala, are to be linked to special economic zones (SEZ) by road and rail, creating corridors of potential land price growth, which is already attracting speculative real estate investment activity. A great deal of investment has come in from China, Malaysia, Singapore and India and the real estate office market has grown with the emergence of several global companies setting up operations in Sri Lanka.